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Professional Resources for The Ranch Pennsylvania

The Ranch Pennsylvania treatment center accepts clients from all over the country. For those clients who are not currently working with a clinical professional in their area, we often look for appropriate referrals in their hometown. By supplying information about your practice you can become a resource in your area. A regional outreach director will contact you to discuss the types of clients you work with so we can best match our clients with the appropriate professional.

If you would like to be a resource for The Ranch Pennsylvania, fill out the Professional Profile form.

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Intake Assessment

Our specially trained admissions team will seamlessly guide you and your client through the admissions process. We work with both the referring professional and the client to conduct a thorough intake assessment and ensure The Ranch Pennsylvania is the right clinical match for your client. This also allows us to put in place any specialized services your client might require due to specific clinical issues. If for any reason The Ranch Pennsylvania is not appropriate for your client, the intake team will help you find the right match for your client. Speak Confidentially with a Ranch Recovery Advisor at 844-876-8685.

Communication During Treatment

The Ranch Pennsylvania treatment center offers world-class mental health and addiction treatment, and part of that treatment is effective and meaningful communication with the referring professional. If your client admits to treatment and gives us permission to communicate with you, we will:

  • Call you within 24 hours of admission to let you know your client has arrived
  • Have a team member call you each week to update you on the client’s progress
  • Provide a discharge plan within 4 weeks after discharge

Schedule a Tour or Visit

We encourage you to schedule a one-on-one meeting with us, tour our center and residences, and meet with key staff. Call today to set up a visit: 844-876-1697

Regional Outreach Directors

The Ranch Pennsylvania has a phenomenal team of outreach directors led by Keith Arnold. Outreach Directors can serve as a liaison during the admissions process, throughout the treatment period, and for the transition back to your practice. If you have not yet spoken with a Regional Outreach Director in your area, or would like to update your information with them, please complete our Professional Profile form.


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