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The therapy groups I found to be beneficial, the psycho-education classes were informative, and the off-site meetings/activities were both fun and relaxing. I can only continue to commend the staff for their professional, respectful, and caring attitudes. Mandy (RA director) and Joe (maintenance) are both extremely hard working and helpful, and go above and beyond on a daily basis for the clients. I will give special thanks to Erin (clinical) for taking the time to talk to me, despite not being my primary therapist. All the nurses were extremely kind during a very trying detox.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the clinical, admissions, nursing, and, frankly, the entire staff at Brightwater Landing. My individual therapist helped me to realize and achieve some very ambitious goals during my short stay here. None of the above could have been possible without Christine and Cara in admissions, and Christine M. for fighting so hard on my utilization review, to get my entire stay covered through my insurance.

All of my treatment goals were met I feel that the staff went over and beyond to make sure I will be successful in my recovery!

The best part was being able to live in and participate in such an amazing community. From the clinical team and residential aides to the men and women clients, I have never experienced such a tight-knit community at any other treatment facility. Over the course of my stay here, I honestly felt like I was living in a family environment due to all the care and concern I experienced between everyone.

I loved the different approaches to therapy. From Equine therapy, the All Star Team of therapist, the clinical staff from the top down was AMAZING!!! Adventure therapy redefines adventure and therapy!!! From Bill, Erin, Sam, Ryan, Lana... and many more caring and compassionate family is what makes BWL the best in the business. BWL redefines the "gold standard" in treatment.

I feel that my experience here has changed my life for the better. I have been able to gain some clarity about several issues in my life and also feel that I will be able to stay sober if I follow my after care treatment plan. The staff was very supportive, the group and individual therapies were extremely helpful and the other activities, especially meditation, hypnosis and archery, are things I plan to use in my recovery process.

All of the one on one therapy with Ali was amazing and very helpful for me, all of the activities related to recovery such as adventure therapy, equine therapy and all of the outdoor activities we did over the 30 days. It was unlike any other treatment I have been to. Also the weekend outings were a big help in learning to live again and enjoy myself sober.

I feel that they were met to every expectation and much more. I experienced quite a few tough times during my time here and the support was absolutely overwhelming. The caring and willingness of the staff was outstanding, and much much better than expected! I could not have been in a safer place to experience all the emotions I dealt with here. The maze, and the leap of faith, were physically the best parts of my experience. But the support and mutual trust between myself and the other clients and staff was by far the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

I have never been to a treatment that offered so much help and support. Being able to always have someone there to talk and to understand was a huge plus in this experience. I was never pushed aside or asked to wait. This is a great treatment and recommend this to anyone who needs the help.

I truly feel that I have undergone a dramatic, life-affirming change here at BWL, and have nothing but the highest regard for how this facility is operated. There is a strong sense of community here that I imagine is unique to here, which is bolstered by a caring staff. There is no sense of superiority here: the RA's are adept at maintaining respect without a sense of superiority, and the therapists are truly caring/insightful/relatable. I felt that my case was managed with vigilance and insight by everyone here, and particularly by Bill and Sam. They are tremendous assets here, and I credit them (along with the entire staff) with aiding me in what I consider to be the most dramatic improvement in my life I have ever experienced.

The best part of my experience here was the camaraderie that took place within the men's community. I had no intentions in coming to BWL to make friends. Yet I have made life long connections that I know will continue after my stay here. The "team environment" has helped my more I ever expected. From the RA's to the Nurses & Housekeeping crew, all the way up to the therapists and administrators, I felt the genuine care that each and everyone of them had towards my improvement-- and I will be forever grateful for that.

The staff here did an unbelievable job catering to not just mine but everyone's needs. They listen and give you an honest feedback of there opinion. Nothing was ever forced upon you, also when asking questions they didn't just give you an answer they would allow you to answer it for yourself. I feel confident leaving here knowing that I received the tools I need to continue my sobriety.

I came in here hopeless and depressed, and I get to leave feeling ready to live life again.

I have never been cared for or loved in my life! coming here was truly a blessing! you all have saved my life! I could never express in words how much that means to me!

The best part of my experience and life so far was coming to realize here in Brightwater Landing that I WANT to stay sober now. It's been one long road and without the help that was provided for me here I don't know if I ever would have gotten away from the grips of my addiction.

I have made some great relationships that will last a life time. Having the women and men almost always separated is key to build these strong connections. I am so happy that I chose this place. Thank you so much. BWL has saved my life.

I feel that my treatment went very well and that I learned and healed so much while I was here. I feel grounded, focused, and more healthy than I have ever have. The woman's community was filled with beautiful people that I got along with in a fabulous way.

100% I can not belive the treatment I received at Brightwater. Amazing staff that kept me here and saved my life.

Above and beyond what i could have hoped for. the adventure therapy with ryan was truly a unexpected gift that became something that i can take anywhere. as well as my primary therapist bill and the other primary bryce. both were central to helping me understand my situation and building a solid mental resiliance moving forward. the RAs were truly fenominal as well. not to mention the safety of this facility, which gave me the ability to be open and honist with myself and others. keep this up. BWL will change many lives!

The therapy I received here far surpassed the treatment I've received over the past several years. I desperately needed a supportive community as well as a safe, nurturing environment to heal---BL more than provided me with both.

I gained far more than I expected from BWL. The therapists are excellent. Although I had a few years of experience in AA, I had always felt that something was missing. I found that missing piece with Refuge Recovery, which I had never heard of before attending BWL. I came here to deal with the death of my father as well as my addiction, but I am leaving with a better understanding of how certain events in my early childhood are still impacting who I am as well as my behaviors. I also learned how early events, like the deaths of my biological parents, can be coupled with more recent trauma, like the death of my adopted father. All in all, I am leaving with a way more solid grounding than I ever thought possible. I finally have some definitive sense of the word serenity and can honestly say that I am learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Looking back, this program has saved my life. I came here broken, fragmented, hopeless. I was not alive - I hadn't truly been living in years. I was scraping by on a thin layer of intoxicated existence hoping each day I'd not wake up the next. I was smothered by my past and my depression. I floated in a world wed somewhere between a battered childhood and a belligerent dunkard whimsy of my mid 20s. There was no hope in my spirit, if I ever had one. I felt I had lost my soul so long ago. I am leaving here uplifted. I found my human experience and myself. I have felt surrender, peace, mirth, love, joy, hope, pride, laughter. I have also felt shame and guilt, and the release of those weights. I see a future where I used to see an abyss. I am so thankful and grateful to have come here. Not only were my needs and goals met and salved, but I am leaving here knowing I can take care of my own needs and that as I continue to do as such, all my goals will fall into allignment.

This is a very rare gem. I couldn't have asked for a better staff and environment. They saved my life. The woman's community is amazing. So supportive, I have friends for life. Psycho drama was my favorite class. It helped me process so much that I needed to deal with all the trauma that I have had in my life. I can't express the gratitude I feel towards my primary therapist Lana she helped me deal with everything I needed to deal with. Also, Caroline is amazing and has a true gift that just keeps on giving. They both are miracle workers. The RA's were also amazing. They were our on-call therapist. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing group of counselors. They really know exactly what they are doing. They knew exactly what to say and when to say it. They have seen me through some of my hardest, saddest and happiest times of my life and I am truly blessed to have had met and known them. I will forever be grateful.

They are some of the most gifted clinicians that I have ever met. The wisdom and insight that was passed through them truly changed my life. I will be eternally grateful.

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