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We appreciate the significance of that first phone call seeking help for substance abuse or mental health issues. Our admissions advisers ensure the initial assessment and intake process is as stress-free and supportive as possible. We provide clients with a relieving, empathetic and informative experience even before they arrive at The Ranch Pennsylvania addiction treatment center.

Our admissions advisers help clients and their loved ones navigate all of the logistics of starting treatment and attend to every detail so they can focus on recovering. We work directly with insurance companies to obtain the greatest amount of coverage possible and walk clients through each step of the recovery process. Speak Confidentially with a Ranch Recovery Advisor at 844-876-8685.

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The Ranch Pennsylvania drug and alcohol rehab accepts many major out-of-network, preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance plans and some in-network plans. Concierge service begins the moment clients call. We work directly with insurance providers to obtain the highest coverage and reimbursement under the client’s plan. Our caring admissions advisers help clients navigate insurance and payment options so that they can focus on recovery. Our ability to treat both primary substance use disorders and primary mental health disorders means better insurance coverage for many clients. Call us to learn more: 844-876-1697

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Addiction Is Not Just a Young Person’s Disease

A retired airline pilot. A teacher’s aide. An executive. An attorney. A plumber. A grandmother who provides childcare for her grandchildren. What do all of these people from divergent walks of life have in common? They are all over 50, facing addiction and have engaged in treatment. Each sought recovery for various reasons, which included family coercion, legal complications, health matters, loss of job, change in living situation and personal preference.

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Our caring advisers guide clients and their loved ones through the admissions process and attend to every detail so they can focus on recovering. Call 844-876-1697 or complete the form below.

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