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Drug Use and Drug Abuse: Where’s the Line?

How much drug use is abuse?

People are often curious about the difference between a recreational drug user and an addict, but it’s hard to say if there is actually a difference. At what point does use become abuse? Is it a question of time, frequency or quantity?

Blurred Lines

We find that the distinction between drug user and abuser isn’t an easy line to draw, nor is it a very helpful one, especially for the Christian. We’re operating from the mindset that drugs are harmful and that they are universally destructive to the individual, family and community. Using drugs, even if it does not create immediate addiction, has far reaching effects for the community and society. It reaches beyond the individual in powerfully negative ways.

Christian Drug Use and Abuse

For the Christian, there is the question of what God says about drugs, and it would seem that the Bible leaves no provision for their use. Though the Bible may not mention specific drugs or substances, it is clear that we are not to be mastered by anything other than obedience to God. Though we have freedom in Christ, we are not to use that freedom to put ourselves under a yoke of slavery. If God has given us bodies to take care of, authorities and laws to obey and lives that are meant to honor Him with holiness, it is hard to see how drugs fit into that picture.

The question then is not whether drug use is OK or whether or not recreational use constitutes addiction, but simply, is this wise? Is it holy? Does it honor God? Does it make us more useful in this broken world? These seem to be the more vital questions to ask as we think about drug use and abuse. Instead of asking if there’s anything wrong with drug use, let’s ask, is there anything right with it?

No Room for Recreation

But some will want to entertain the notion that a person could experiment with drugs or could use them from time to time without experiencing a full blown addiction. But for how long? And under what circumstances? Addiction temptation develops rapidly once the substance has entered the body. If the user has had a powerful high or other similarly positive experience while on the drug, the brain’s reward center conditions to want it again … and again and again. Experimentation is a Pandora’s box; the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Getting Help

If your “use” has turned into abuse and you’re concerned you may be struggling with addiction, Christian drug rehab can help. There’s no need to wait for the problem to escalate. Get the help you need to recover today.

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