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Located atop a picturesque mountainside overlooking the majestic Susquehanna River, The Ranch Pennsylvania is an inspiring and supportive environment in which a pathway to physical, emotional and spiritual recovery begins to unfold. Clients reconnect with themselves in a nurturing space where they can get away from it all and feel safe being vulnerable. Within a gated, private, mountainside setting, clients benefit from the care of distinguished addiction and mental health experts, a wide array of therapies, and upscale amenities. Speak Confidentially with a Ranch Recovery Advisor at 844-876-8685.

Nature: An Integral Part of Treatment

The Ranch Pennsylvania is perched on a plateau overlooking a meandering river, amidst southern Pennsylvania’s rolling hills and woodlands. Our calming, natural setting is a healing component of treatment that offers daily opportunities for connections with nature. This might involve anything from walking meditation along the Mason-Dixon line, which runs through our property, to canoe rides down the river, or a 30-foot climb in the air on the ropes course. Our experiential and adventure therapies incorporate nature as a metaphor for life’s challenges, and utilize the environment to help clients get in touch with their authentic selves.

We do our part to respect and protect our natural setting through an array of environmentally responsible practices. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is demonstrated by our membership in the Green Business Bureau (GBB).

Rustic Elegance

Our client residences boast the amenities and comforts of an upscale treatment center, but within an intimate, ranch-style setting. Rooms feature full-size beds, designer furnishings and vaulted ceilings. With a maximum of 10 individuals in each residence, clients live in a transformational environment that encourages shared experiences of recovery and growth and that promotes strong treatment communities and sustained recovery. Speak Confidentially with a Ranch Recovery Advisor at 844-876-8685.

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Mayhem. Chaos. Conflict. Confusion. Destruction. Dysfunction. All of these are words to describe the experience of addiction. Each is attached to an experience of placing a substance or behavior in front of health, relationships, finances, career and freedom. At the root of addiction, according to Alcoholics Anonymous, is self-centeredness.

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Liquid Courage: Does Drinking Really Help With Your Anxiety?

In social situations, some people use alcohol as “liquid courage” to help them overcome the anxiety of interacting with others. This practice is relatively common because, in the short-term, drinking can help reduce your inhibitions and make you feel more relaxed. However, alcohol can’t touch the actual source of the anxiety you experience. In addition, use of drinking as a social lubricant can eventually leave you with serious problems that include diagnosable symptoms of a condition called alcohol use disorder.

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Heroin Epidemic Spreads to PA’s Most Vulnerable Population: Newborns

Pennsylvania is known as one of the hotbeds of America’s opioid problem, deemed by the state’s drug and alcohol secretary as “the worst overdose crisis in the history of humanity.” And with rates of heroin use among Pennsylvanian women more than doubling between 2002 and 2014, it’s not surprising that the terrors of the opioid tragedy have trickled down to the state’s most vulnerable population — newborn babies.

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