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Medical Detox

The Ranch Pennsylvania provides onsite, medically monitored detoxification in an environment of utmost comfort and expert care. Our medical team, which is led by a board-certified psychiatrist, utilizes the latest research-backed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and guard against relapse. Our 24-hour nursing staff monitors clients around the clock to attend to any needs and ensure they are as comfortable as possible. Speak Confidentially with a Ranch Recovery Advisor at 844-876-8685.

A peaceful, private, home-like setting and compassionate medical staff provide a calming atmosphere for clients going through detoxification. They embark on this first critical step in treatment within one of our rustic, ranch-style residences, specifically dedicated to this initial recovery phase. With only nine detox clients at any time, our treatment team is able to offer attentive, personalized care.

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A retired airline pilot. A teacher’s aide. An executive. An attorney. A plumber. A grandmother who provides childcare for her grandchildren. What do all of these people from divergent walks of life have in common? They are all over 50, facing addiction and have engaged in treatment. Each sought recovery for various reasons, which included family coercion, legal complications, health matters, loss of job, change in living situation and personal preference.

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